Intro #FabulouslyFloral Blog

Hello my fab floral friends,

For those who don’t know, we here at SAY IT WITH FLOWERS FLORIST AND GIFTS have been in the florist game for a very long time. I myself have memories of being a toddler, roaming around my mum’s shop – this was way back when silk flowers still came with fake dew droplets on their petals. Blerg.

But, we have all grown with this industry. We actually have more than one shop.

ANGELS FLORIST – which is your regular style of florist. And BIBI’S WAREHOUSE – which is silks, sundries and wedding hire. And now this! Our new baby. And like all babies, we don’t love one more than the other, but they are different and special in their own way.
Us angels have been taking notice of the needs of our customers and know that a lot of you flower lovers can’t afford the more extravagant, boutique bouquets but would still like something cute for a great price.

So here, I introduce to you #SIWF. We make one design a day. It’s only $30. That’s it. No delivery price. No sneaky fees. That’s all you pay. You can have it delivered for free (with in our delivery radius) or you may pick it up in store.

The idea is that keeping our costs down will keep your cost down too!

So follow us on the social media for pretty photos and special deals. Keep an eye out on here, the #fabulouslyfloral blog for tips, styles, trends, craziness and local haps. And I promise the next blog post will be more blog post and less salesy 🀣

Stay Fab xxx


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