Top 10 Wedding Flower Mistakes to Avoid

When planning a wedding we can sometimes get lost in all the details – big and small – here are a few tips to help you out along the way.

1. Lack of Preparation & Communication.
It’s not necessary to create scrapbook or binder full of ideas (unless that is what you want to do. And if so, go right ahead!) but it is a good idea to go into the florist with a little bit of an outline of what you are after. Yes, your florist will be able to guide you in the right direction, but knowing a little will help both you and your florist.
Get on Google images or Pinterest or Instagram or (insert latest photo-based social media here) and have a look around at what the latest trends are, or search for your colour palate. But you must share these ideas with your florist. They are not mind readers. Please … Please, do not asking for 20 “centrepieces” when you actually mean 20 “candelarbras with cascading orchid bowl arrangements.”

2. Forgetting to budget for your flowers.
It is amazing how many brides come into the shop expecting to spend as much on flowers as they would as if they had gone down to Woolies for them. “But don’t these just grow in the garden?” I get asked. #sigh #headdesk
Flowers can cost as much as you spend on your wedding dress or more. Or they can be relatively inexpensive.
Work out how much you are willing to spend. (Probably somewhere in between Cake and Dress) And then tell your florist. Tell them before the quote. Tell them you are willing to spend up to X bucks and tell them that you will be getting other quotes. (Don’t be dodgy and take their quote to the florist down the road to beat. That’s sneaky.) That way you can work out with them what you can afford to do and most will oblige and work within your budget.

3. Booking your florist last or ordering too late.
Don’t do this please. Especially if you have a firm idea of what you’re after, because unless your florist has a magic genie under her workbench or someone owes her big time, you may not get your flowers. Or any.
Get ALL your quotes then decide on who you want, who fits in to your budget. And then go book everyone. But do them all quickly. Places book out fast.
Plus, keep in mind that flowers are imported from all over the world. Orders have to be given, flowers have to be shipped. This all takes time. I recommend a minimum of 6 months prior to your wedding.

4. Choosing strongly scented flowers.
Don’t get me wrong, flowers smell delightful … when you bend down and sniff them and then walk away … and you don’t get hay fever. If you are sitting in a room with them a couple of foot away from your face for a few hours on end, they start to become overpowering. And if you or one of your guests has hay fever, no amount of Claratine will help you when you are face to face with fresh hyacinth. Trust me.

5. Too much DIY.
Your big day is exactly that – BIG. I know you want to save money, but you need to also save room to be able to enjoy your day. If you are running around between hair appointments and photo shoots, prepping your rustic jar arrangements, you will be exhausted come time to walk down the isle. Sometimes it is worth it to pay a little extra to get someone else to do the job or even ask a good friend (or several), perhaps one not in the bridal party, to give you a hand.

6.Refusing to compromise.
I love that brides are excited about their big day. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see a happy bride. I even love “Bridezillas.” Those women know what they want and they’re passionate. You not what I don’t like. Brides or Grooms that demand the impossible. Florists are not fairies. We are not mother nature. I’m sorry that I cannot get Phalaenopsis orchids in July. You don’t want silk? No? Well, I’m sorry. You want black roses because you saw them on Pinterest and the post said that they were real? But I can’t spray them? I can’t use silk? You want Peonies when they aren’t in season? What about David Austin’s instead? No? #sigh

7. Not standing back to see the big picture.
When ordering your centerpieces please remember that there won’t just be one of them in front of you. There will be a room of them. And there will be candles and favors and table linen and draping and people and cake and a groom and … do you see the big picture yet?

8. Not reusing your flowers.
Bridal table arrangement = $150.00
Cake flowers = $300.00
Reception hall flowers = $150 each
Use your bouquets for the bridal table, the throwaway bouquet for the cake table, the church arrangements for the foyer in the reception hall. Everything you buy can probably be used more than once. Save the money. Put it towards some super sexy lingerie for the honeymoon.

9. Changing your mind.
Try to make a decision before you get to the florist to do the quote. If you change your mind 10 times before your wedding day, then your florist is probably going to get confused and make a mistake. We may be goddesses of flora but we are also partly human and we will make mistakes.

10. Not trusting your florist.
This is a big one, which is why I have left it till last. This is our job. This is what we do and love. If we gently coaxing you into thinking that perhaps something is not the best thing to do, then chances are that we are right. We want you to love your flowers. We don’t want you to look back in 30 years at your wedding day and think “Oh, but those bloody flowers though…” We want you to see them and hug us or cry with joy. (both happen way more than you think. Weekly. Yes, that is a weekly thing.)
So please, trust us.

I hope this has helped. Above all, remember to relax. Remember that this day is not really about the flowers and the dress and the table numbers that either come in cream, ivory or white. Your wedding day is about celebrating your dedication to your best friend, your lover. And it’s about sharing that day with your friends and family.

Congrats, beautiful brides.

Stay fab xxx



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